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site 2: Elephant Art Space
3325 Division Street, Los Angeles, CA 90065

The diptych includes one fabric piece depicting a landscape. With a stroke of romanticism, it aims to take us back to the basic, seeking answers about our identity, our true essence, our castle, our sanctuary …

The quest is represented by an applique of a seemingly simple, yet robust structure, photographed and printed on canvas. Hand-embroidered symbols represent the belief that all societies have the same basic needs.

Sanctuary is about the power of empathy – on acknowledging the other – as a foremost step to build communities.

The second element of the diptych is a photograph of an assemblage of found objects, including amulets and talismans, strategically placed to find static and aesthetic equilibrium. The piece raises questions on consciously practicing collaborative negotiations. Multiculturalism is integrated as a symbol of participation. The juxtaposition of traditional hand stitching and the modern photograph indicates the constant struggle to find equilibrium: the inner and the outer. A symbol lexicon complements the photograph.

We collaborate as a team to create art. Born in Mexico City, multicolor markets have beenour source of inspiration. Objects, which we believe have a soul, find us by chance. Symbols and messages help us understand that nothing is as it seems. There is always a deeper meaning. Art connects us to that spiritual exploration. Through our pieces, we analyze themes of balance, self-discovery, and acceptance. We find it necessary to deconstruct our false identity to find our true essence. By integrating objects that talk to us through their flawed perfection, we aspire to incite empathy between all, with the understanding that we can each make a difference by simply being aware of the other. Everyday utilitarian objects influence our work, reaffirming our notion of beauty being everywhere, just like the symbols and messages waiting to guide us as soon as we take the time to recognize them.


P&S Herrasti