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site 2: Elephant Art Space
3325 Division Street, Los Angeles, CA 90065

‘By Multiples’ is a physical interpretation of Lisa Teasley’s ‘Castle in the Trees.’

Mutuo invites architecture students and recent graduates to reflect on their emotional responses to the idea of a castle, while building an assemblage of pieces through a dynamic collaborative effort without a known outcome.

Because of Covid-19, the assembly at the exhibit site is done in turns so that no participants are working at the same time. The built object is as much about the result as it is about the process, offering a reflection on collaborative efforts in current times.

Mutuo is a Los Angeles-based architecture firm designing for meaningful social impact. Our work is as much about empathy as it is about space.

Our current research includes the development of ‘affordable-by-design’ construction systems that provide faster and more affordable solutions for housing. One of our designs, re-purposing precast concrete culverts for housing, received the highest 2018 AIA|LA Next LA award. Mutuo received the 2019 AIA|LA Emerging Practice Award.

We find opportunities to foster collaborations and expand the traditional role of architecture into a more dynamic role with more influence on creating built environments and solving complex city challenges.

Mutuo recently participated in the A+D Museum’s ‘The Future of Space’ digital exhibition, and we have been invited to the Crystal Bridges Museum’s exhibit ‘The Challenge: Sustainability’, an exhibit foregrounding emerging ideas in affordable & sustainable housing.

Fernanda’s work was selected for the 2020 Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation ‘Built by Women’ exhibit in Los Angeles.


Collaborators working with MUTUO on the project are:

Irving Estrada


Mónica Lamela

@instagram_ monicalamela

Luis Montoya


Kanata Yamayoshi