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site 1: Bestor Architecture
2030 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Délice Intangible (dee-leese ahn-ton-juh-blee) is French for the Intangible Delight. Délice Intangible is a fictional restaurant inspired by Anthony Carfello's written piece April 23, 2022. The restaurant resides in the middle of Century City in the year 2024. A shoulder turn away from the Century City Twin Towers, Délice Intangible has a deliberate handful of exquisite delectables that require exotic storage and calibrated refrigeration. The senior partners have hired a collection of egoless, brilliantly skilled hands from Madrid, Bologna, Seoul, Shikoku, Copenhagen, and Mattapan. This well-to-do restaurant is represented by a menu, here placed delicately inside of a custom envelope. Each portion on the menu offers an exquisite challenge to the palette. Those wondering what the premiums are regarding a dining experience for two, might consider reservations elsewhere.

Tory J. Lowitz
Teiyo 宛先

Born in 1971 in Los Angeles, California.

Lives and works in Los Angeles.

Tory J. Lowitz attended classes via Art Center before graduating from High School in Culver City. His experiences shaped his commitment to abstraction. Lowitz received a BFA 1993 and studied closely with Emerson Woelffer at Otis Parsons Art Institute.

He continues his education in Tokyo at Sogetsu School of Ikebana where Tory received his Sankyu Shihan Degree. The school’s philosophy has assisted in reflection and disposition while physicalizing a foundation of sculptural practices mixing human experiences with sentiment and also honoring those that have passed on. Lowitz studies in Los Angeles with his sensei Kaz Yokou Kitajima and in Tokyo under Sogetsu’s Iemoto, Akane Teshigahara, and masters of the institution.