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Bestor Architecture

2030 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Loren Adams, Architect

Regulatory Nonsense

The Los Angeles Zoning Code is re-written by a bespoke deep-learning text generator ‘bot, trained on poetry, creative prose, and personal accounts of place.

Orhan Ayyüce, Architect

Sidewalk Forum (remote location)

A group will spend August 8th 2020, at the intersection of Wilshire and Santa Monica boulevards in a day of curbside workshops and discussions. Participants will consider the corners of as a nexus and explore what this particular intersection means.

Anthony Carfello, Editor, Educator

April 23, 2022

Los Angeles in the 2020s will be characterized by refusal. In 2 case studies, I elaborate and contemplate the above using single buildings in different areas of the city as entry points, via current circumstances and speculative hypotheses.

Polaris Castillo, Artist

"utilizing google maps to triangulate the course of my desmadre (chaos) over the years"

A post card-esque piece depicting Viva Padilla's text, using line art and a solid color to evoke the days gone by of a memory.

Lorena Garcia, Landscape Architect

In. Memorial.

Memories as fuel to navigate the city. Memories of missing. Vase as element of tribute. A celebration of life and death.

Tory J. Lowitz, Artist

Délice Intangible

“Le Pot au Feu: Journal de cuisine calls Délice Intangible the truest revolt of fine dining in the heart of Century City.”

Viva Padilla, Poet, Editor

utilizing google maps to triangulate the course of my desmadre (chaos) over the years

Utilizing google maps to triangulate the course of my desmadre (chaos) over the years. First start at some hospital run by nuns in East Los . . .

Cameron Stallones, Artist, Musician


Artist and composer Cameron Stallones adapts Viva Padilla’s potent psychogeographical poem for new independent radio network LOOKOUT FM with field recordings and original music.

Jakob Sellaoui, Architect

A Space for Doing Nothing (remote location)

A provisional roof initiates space. Like a tent, protecting and framing your stay. Offering a point of pause. To endure and let time pass without keeping count. Knowing how to waste it.