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site 3: Judson Studios
200 S Ave 66, Los Angeles, CA 90042

Julie Smith-Clementi & Frank Clementi, Architects

Redress for the Garb Age

Introducing an empowering new collection for this year’s season of fear- The Empire’s New Clothes!

Dress is the perfect mishmash of meaning and function. What we wear is at the same time both useful and symbolic. From barrister’s wigs, with the power to impart justice, to the protective garb of firemen, our chosen skin is a signal of our intentions along with a response to our condition.

Dress is cultural, evolving within regions, customs and values. Similarly, like language, dress is transmittable across societies. In this way, it acts as a uniform to identify belonging. This becomes important as we create virtual communities with shared values across physical borders. We become our avatars.

For 2020 we showcase 8 new outfits to help you feel good about yourself in response to who you are and who you would like to be in the coming seasons. Our FOMO Sombrero, Posse Glasses, and HI-Tide-Trousers are here to help you get your message across and survive the jaunt.

smith-clementi is us, Julie and Frank. We are dedicated to crafting unique solutions using the uplifting power of beauty to imbue our work with character that invites interaction. Our lifelong curiosity and passion serve to uncover and synthesize holistic responses that speak to all people and still allow personal appreciation. With versatility we forge the familiarity of place and history with exotic perspective from across the design arts to create timely and meaningful experiences. And, it is gratifying to have been continuously recognized with numerous awards from across the scales of design and featured in over 300 publications.