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site 3: Judson Studios
200 S Ave 66, Los Angeles, CA 90042

Hyunch Sung, Designer, Artist

노래, Canción, Bài hát, Awit, गीत, 歌曲, ترانه, 歌, เพลง, երգ, song ...

“노래, Canción, Bài hát, गीत, 歌曲, ترانه, 歌, เพลง, երգ, song ...” is a community jukebox or mixtape.  Mothers from Los Angeles’ communities of color sing songs they love for this mix.  I called them on the phone and they shared stories about who they are and what change means.  Their song-stories have been recorded on these phone calls.  

Some of our Singer-Storytellers

Malathi Iyengar and Shaarada Mani Chalan, “Song on goddess Gowri”

Larae Cantley, “God That I Serve”

Julian Pan,  “Mo Li Hua”

Setsuko Paula Watanabe, “Orange Blossoms”

Anonymous, “Dahil Sa Iyo”

Monali Khandagle, “Nach Re Mora”

Nina Lamothe, “His Eye is on the Sparrow”

Deshanae Cantley, “You are my sunshine”

Doris Cantley, “Lean on Me”

Kiki Kim, “Michelle”

Elisa Read, “Tres Pececitos”

Heather Chin, “등대지기”

Camilla Gaisie, Ghanaian Lullaby

Fran Clinton, “Five Little Ducks”

Eva de la Torre, “Cuando Salgo a Los Campos”

Helen Chung, “만남”

Myung-Soon Yoo, “Untitled”

Bertha Napoles, “La Llorona, El Adios del Soldado, La Huella de tus Besos”

Afifa Wardak with Madina Wardak, "Naray Baran De, Toora Shpa, Man Kisay Dil Goyam"

Hyunch Sung (she, her, hers) is an artist and urbanist living in the East Bay, currently designing landscapes for permanent affordable housing and transitional housing at Mithun San Francisco. She has worked with and learned from LGBTQ youth, the unhoused community, and formerly unjustly incarcerated women. She believes that memory, feelings, and idiosyncrasy are good justifications for design and enjoying KBBQ. She is interested in translation as both a pragmatic and imaginative tool for cultural storytelling and listening within communities, between individuals, and within our occasionally vast selves. Cultural synaesthesia is the heightened experience of the immigrant and other faceted identities. She received her B.A. in Literature & Film Theory from Amherst College, and her M.L.A. from Rhode Island School of Design.  She is a visiting critic at U.C. Berkeley LAEP, Cal Poly Pomona, and Rhode Island School of Design.